Microwave Vehicle Detection System Type 2 (Traffic Signal)

Last edit date: 2/8/2024

General:  Products on this Authorized Material List have been evaluated and found acceptable for use on California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) projects, provided the products are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Products on this list are subject to additional Job Control testing during construction or installation.

Manufacturer Product Name Expiration Date
Econolite Control Products, Incorporated EVO Radar 2/2026
Wavetronix Wavetronix Matrix Corner Fire Sensor 2/2026


  1. The information contained herein shall not be used for advertising purposes, nor is it an endorsement by Caltrans.
  2. Instructions on how material is placed on the Authorized Material List can be found in the Authorization Criteria for Microwave Vehicle Detection System Type 2 (Traffic Signal).

Caltrans contact: Justin Ellis, (916) 591-8924, justin.ellis@dot.ca.gov