Authorization Criteria for Microwave Vehicle Detection System Type 2 (Traffic Signal) List

Revised: 2/8/2024


The procedure below outlines the Authorization Criteria Requirements for creating an Authorized Materials List for Microwave Vehicle Detection System Type 2.

MVDS Type 2 Authorization Criteria

All Microwave Vehicle Detection System Type 2 to be used by the State of California Department of Transportation shall be on the Caltrans Authorized Material List before incorporation into any construction project. Authorization of this material requires the following:

1.    Manufacturer/Supplier Provides:

A.    Model/Part Number.
B.    TL-9502 Application (from Caltrans Specifications).
C.    Test Report verifying the following parameters:

1.1    Have a pole mounted IP67 rated sensor with mounting hardware.
1.2    Have an operating temperature range from -20 to 150 °F in up to 95% relative humidity.
1.3    Automatically restore normal operation after a power failure within 3 minutes and retain configuration and calibration information for 90 days without power.
1.4    Have surge protection compliant with EN 61000-4-5 Class 4.

D.    Manufacturer Quality Control QC data verifying the following:

1.1    Operate at 120 VAC.
1.2    Have a power supply with minimum 80% efficiency.
1.3    Have a minimum detection angle of 90 degrees.
1.4    Have a minimum detection range of 6 to 140 ft. 
1.5    Have a traffic signal controller interface card complying with TEES. The card must:

  • Have LED indicators for traffic detection and power.
  • Have locally and remotely upgradable firmware.
  • Have a fails-safe-mode sensor if communication is lost for more than 10 seconds.

1.6    Provide 1 complete sample unit including all required connectors and cabling to be considered operable for testing and evaluation by Caltrans. Unit will be owned and operated by Caltrans (or DOT) if AML submittal is approved. If AML is denied (or not approved), the sample unit will be returned to the manufacturer. Alternative option is for manufacturer to submit a request for approval to coordinate data sharing and physical access with local owner or agency of current installations of the same material (Model and Revision).
1.7    Comply with all other specifications listed on Caltrans NSSP 86-1.02AA Microwave Radar Sensor.

E.    Required Documents and Test Reports:

1.1    Product spec sheet.
1.2    Certificate of Compliance signed document. See Caltrans NSSP 86-1.02AA Microwave Radar Sensor.
1.3    Description of Manufacturers Quality Control Procedures.
1.4    Maintenance and operation manuals. The manual must include the following categories.

i.    Operation. 
ii.    Training. 
iii.    Communication.
iv.    Maintenance and part replacement documentation
v.    Trouble shooting.

1.5    Warranty Documentation. 
1.6    Ship the required reports to the Caltrans’ Transportation Laboratory in Sacramento: 

California Department of Transportation
Materials Engineering and Testing Services MS #5: Electrical Testing Branch 
5900 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95819-4612

2.    Caltrans will:

A.    Ensure all required documentation is received.
B.    Review the technical information.
C.    Evaluate submitted documentation for Compliance with current Caltrans NSSP.
D.    Upon evaluation of the submitted technical information, we will issue an acceptance valid for two years or a rejection letter.
E.    Update the Caltrans Authorized Material List, if applicable.
F.    Request re-submittal of the qualification package from the manufacturer every two years. Re-authorization is required every two years. The Manufacturer/Supplier is required to provide all submittals listed in paragraph 1.

Caltrans contact: Justin Ellis, (916) 591-8924,