Authorization Criteria for Precast Concrete Cementitious Based Repair Material List

Revised: 8/9/2021

The Department is compiling a list of authorized concrete repair materials for use in precast concrete. This program will be administered by the Concrete Materials Testing Branch. This list is the only list recognized by the Department for use on Caltrans precast concrete products. The following procedures are required to authorize a concrete repair material for inclusion in the Precast Concrete Cementitious Based Repair Material Authorized Material List:

  1. Manufacturer/Supplier shall provide:
    1. Submittal Package which includes but is not limited to:
      1. Company’s name, address, contact information
      2. Name of the repair product
      3. Certificate of Compliance stating proposed material complies with thetests on the material data sheet
      4. Safety Data Sheet
      5. Material Data Sheet that at a minimum contains test results forcompliance requirements:
        1. Minimum 7-day compressive strength of 4000 psi(ASTM C39 or ASTM C109)
        2. Minimum 28-day bond strength of 1500 psi(ASTM C882 as modified by ASTM C928)
        3. Maximum 28-day length change of -0.15%(ASTM C157)
        4. Maximum soluble chlorides by weight of 0.05%(AASHTO T260)


Submit a material data sheet stating conformance with ASTM C928.

  1. List of projects where product has been used successfully (bridgeproject, transportation project, etc.). Include reports or pictures ofapplication, if possible.
  2. Manufacturer’s recommended procedures for use.
  3. Limitation on use (e.g. environmental, overhead and verticalapplication, horizontal application, etc.)
  4. Shelf life of the product
  5. Storage requirements
  6. Supply two prepackaged bags (approximately 100 lbs) of sample takenfrom the same batch of material that was supplied for Certificate ofCompliance testing. Sample provided must be within the shelf life ofthe product for Department testing and verification.
  1. Send the samples along with the required documents to:

Caltrans Transportation Laboratory
Attention: Spencer Adams, Precast Concrete Cementitious Based Repair Material
5900 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95819

  1. Caltrans will evaluate the submittal as follows:
    1. Ensure all required documentations and samples are received.
    2. Review the technical information provided.
    3. Perform testing of the concrete repair sample to verify compliance with therequirements listed above.
    4. Inform manufacturer/supplier in writing of the evaluation results.
    5. Allow one retest if the initial specimen fails, if requested bymanufacturer/supplier. Retest sample will be selected by a Caltrans representative.
    6. Update the Precast Concrete Cementitious Based Repair Material AuthorizedMaterial List, as necessary.
  2. Only laboratories that are participants in the CCRL on-site inspection and proficiencysample program with valid accreditation from the AASHTO Accreditation Program are recognized.
  3. The authorization of precast concrete cementitious based repair material will expire in5 years.
  4. To renew, Manufacturer/Supplier should submit its package with current informationapproximately 6 months prior to expiration.
  5. Caltrans reserves the rights to sample and to remove a product from the list at anytime.

Caltrans contact: Spencer Adams,