Authorization Criteria for Organic Zinc Rich Primer List

Revised: 3/18/2022

The following requirements are required to authorize organic zinc rich primers for inclusion on the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Authorized Material List (AML) before incorporation into any construction project. This program is administered by the Chemical Testing Branch, Office of Central Laboratories. Organic Zinc Rich Primers must meet the Caltrans Performance and Acceptance Criteria before inclusion on the Caltrans AML.

Authorization of Organic Zinc Rich Primers requires the following:

  1. For new products, the manufacturer will provide:
    1. Letter of intent specifying the type of product, applications, and contact information.
    2. Authorized Material List Submittal Form TL-9502. For more information, please follow the link:
    3. Manufacturers product data sheet.
    4. Safety Data Sheets.
    5. When directed to do so, send a quart sample of the material for our testing.
  2. Performance and acceptance criteria:
    1. Categorized as having an organic (Type II) vehicle as described in 2.2 of SSPC Paint Standard No. 20.
    2. Meet the performance requirements in SSPC Coating Specification No. 29, section 8, Table 3, Level II, Corrosion Testing Requirements and Table 4, Summary of Adhesion Testing Requirements.
    3. Have a minimum(65 percent) zinc dust by weight present in the dried film, (Level 3), (Type II) as described in 4.1 of SSPC Paint Standard No. 20.
    4. Cathodic Protection Determination by Open Circuit Potential (OCP) for Cured Primer is not a requirement.
  3. Send submittal requirements to the Caltrans Transportation Laboratory to the Chemical Testing Branch.

California Department of Transportation Laboratory
Attn: Barry Marcks (Organic Zinc Rich Primers)
Chemical Testing Branch
5900 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95819

  1. When the submittal package has been evaluated and reviewed, the Department will notify the manufacturer of the findings. When any discrepancies are resolved to the satisfaction of the Department, the material will be placed on the AML.
  2. The authorization is valid for 5 years from the date it is placed on the AML.
  3. The Department reserves the right to sample and to remove the product from the AML at any time.
  1. Reauthorization:
    1. Six months prior to a product’s listed reauthorization date, Manufacturers need to contact the Chemical Testing Branch.
    2. Manufacturers shall submit a sample of the product and a letter confirming that the organic zinc rich primer formulation has not changed.
    3. When confirmed that the organic zinc rich primer has not changed, still meets the Performance and Acceptance Criteria, the AML reauthorization date will be changed to the new date.

Caltrans contact: Chemical Testing Branch,