Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies

Last edit date: 3/8/2024


Products on this Authorized Material List have been evaluated and found acceptable for use on California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) projects, provided the products are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Products on this list are subject to additional Job Control testing during construction or installation.

Evaluation Criteria: Instructions on how material is placed on the Authorized Material List (AML) can be found in the Authorization Requirements for Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies.


Product Name Supplier Comments Re-Authorization Date
ZycoTherm SP All States Materials Group 10/20/2028
AD-here ULTRA 1 Arkema-Road Science formerly known as AD-here LOF 6500 w/Cecabase 10/27/2028
AD-here ULTRA CA Arkema-Road Science fomerly known as AD-here XL 9000 w/Cecabase 3/15/2030
Cecabase RT Arkema-Road Science 10/17/2028
Anova (R) 1501 Cargill 4/18/2030
Evotherm J1 Ingevity, Incorporated 6/19/2029
Evotherm M1/M1-A Ingevity, Incorporated 12/1/2028
Evotherm P25 Ingevity, Incorporated 12/1/2028


Product Name Supplier Comments Re-Authorization Date
Astec Double Barrel Green Astec Incorporated 12/31/2027
Gencor Ultrafoam GX2 Gencor Industries Incorporated 12/31/2027
MAXAM AQUABlack System Maxam Equipment Incorporated 12/31/2027

Caltrans contact: WMA Administrator, WMA.Administrator.OAP@dot.ca.gov