Authorization Criteria for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) List

Revised: 12/15/2022


The Buy Clean California Act (Public Contract Code § 3500 – 3505) mandates the collection of facility-specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for designated materials used in Caltrans projects. The following procedures are required to authorize individual facilities which produce the designated materials.  This Authorized Materials List (AML) is administered by Materials Engineering and Testing Services (METS), Statewide Materials Support Branch.

Eligible Materials

The following materials or products are subject to the Buy Clean California Act:

Material or product


Material Specifications

Carbon steel rebar

Steel mill

Section 52-1.02B, "Bar Reinforcement" Excludes epoxy-coated or galvanized reinforcement uses

Structural steel*

Steel mill

Section 55-1.02D(1), "General," – Structural Steel and Other Materials tables and Section 99, "Building Construction" For hot-rolled, plate or hollow products

Flat glass*


Section 99, "Building Construction"

Mineral wool board insulation*


Section 99, "Building Construction"

*For future AML consideration

Acceptance Criteria

Inclusion on the AML will be based on compliance with Section 6-1.06 of the Caltrans Specification and the following:

  • EPD type III development in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14025
  • Provision of validity period of the EPD
  • EPD development utilizing a valid and applicable Product Category Rule (PCR) as identified by the Department of General Services (DGS) on the date of EPD issue
  • EPD data input in the Data Interchange for Materials Engineering (DIME) under AML Project ID: 22223
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) values compliant with the applicable maximum acceptable limits for unfabricated material set forth by DGS
  • Compliance with submittal requirements

Submittal Requirements

For new materials the following will be provided:

  1. The name and address of the facility
  2. An EPD Type III as defined by the ISO 14025 meeting the following requirements:
    1. Facility-specific, representing a single location
    2. Facility-specific, representing a specific material
    3. Validated by a date that has not expired
    4. Independently verified
    5. Developed according to the guidelines of a valid and applicable PCR
    6. Defined GWP value for CO2-equivalent weight per weight of unfabricated material within the limits set forth by DGS
  3. EPD information submitted in DIME under AML Project ID: 22223
  4. Auhorized Material List Submittal Form TL-9502


The facility must register in DIME at least 15 days prior to EPD submission. Submit items A to C (including name and address, EPDs, DIME information and TL-9502) for applicable facilities by email to or by mail to:

California Department of Transportation
Attn: Dominika Ercolini
5900 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95819


When the submittal package has been evaluated and reviewed, the Department will notify the facility of the findings.  When any discrepancies are resolved to the satisfaction of the Department, the material will be placed on the AML.

The authorization will expire if:

  • The validity date of the facility-specific EPD has passed
  • The GWP values described in the EPD do not meet the maximum allowable limits or requirements designated by DGS
  • The facility has undergone changes in technology or circumstance that alter the content and accuracy of the EPD

For AML renewal, facilities should submit updated EPD documentation in accordance with ISO 14025 to the Statewide Materials Support Branch and enter the updated information into DIME at least three (3) months prior to authorization expiration.

The Department reserves the right to remove a facility from the AML at any time.


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