Renewing a Facility Audit

Revised: 5/16/2024

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) requires any Contractor or Subcontractor providing Structural Precast Concrete, or those performing welding operations for: Welded Steel Poles for Lighting and Signal Structures; Overhead Sign Structures; or Steel Pipe Piling, to successfully maintain their Facility Audit. The Facility Audit may be active for up to three years.

A Facility will need to renew their Facility Audit before the end of their active term.

The following are the instructions for renewing a Facility Audit with Caltrans:

  1. Include a letter requesting renewal for the Facility audit.
  2. All renewal documentation shall be submitted twelve weeks prior to the expiration of the facility's active term.
  3. The Submittal of the Facility's self audit shall be a current copy. Please include any current supporting documentation (such as, but not limited to: Certifications, Welding Quality Control Plans, Welding Procedure Specifications, Precast Quality Control Plans, etc)
  4. Send an electronic copy of the Facility's full submittal to the follwoing mailbox,
    • All submitted documents must be in pdf format
    • All documents must be signed as required
    • Combine all relevent documents together to avoid large number of files.
  5. If the file is too large to send via email, please request access to your facility audit contact.

What the facility can expect from Caltrans:

  1. The Facility will receive notification of receipt of documentation from Caltrans within two days of receipt of the Facility's submittal.
  2. Caltrans will review the submittal. Caltrans will then compose a letter of comments to the Facility denoting issues with the submittal. If the comments require a response, it is Facility's responsibility to produce this response.
  3. If a Site Audit is required, the Facility will be contacted by Caltrans during the above process.

The Facility will receive the Letter of Completion and the Certificate of Completion when the Facility has successfully completed the Facility Self Audit and the Facility Site Audit (if required).

Caltrans contact: Dominika Ercolini, (916) 849-0989,